The Hole in the Wall Cafe

A pocket friendly eatery that serves you really good food. Perfect place to go to after a late night party the previous evening.
A home done up well to accommodate not many, but the few that are lucky to get a place to eat their scrumptious cooking on time.
The English breakfast, burgers and juice of the day works best with my appetite.
The Waffles with options of various syrups are a “must try”.
All in all a favorite place of mine for breakfast/brunch.


Diff 42 – Resto Lounge

The only place that I can find pretty active with a decent crowd on a Tuesday evening. Foods average but the variety on the cuisines were many.
Loved the fact that beers like hoegaarden were available. Staff is friendly.
Not so happy about the happy hours ending really early @17.00.
What I find out of place though is the bifurcation of the sections for couples and men. Really weird. They also end up blocking the tables saying for Couples till late on weekdays.
All in all a recommended place for a drink nominally decibel rated music and decent crowd, makes this place a win win for the location it is at !!

g77 Café

Love the concept of a cozy café over looking the 100 ft roads traffic from a pollutant free glassed environment.
Staff equipped with wireless walki-talkies suited up and courteous, the cocktails are simply yum.
My idea of a snack post work a peri Peri or Mexican chicken burger with a pint, good music and fries 🙂
The smoking section comes with a Foosball table!!

The Beer Cafe

The idea of having upto 36 varieties of beers from all around the world under a roof and a weekday happy price of Rs 75 for a 10oz KF or Foster’s Draught are enough for a happy crowd to gather post work hours.
The starters added to this arr simply yum, the staff’s courteous but a bit confused at times when compared to the koramangala branch.